Black History Month Spirit Week

Black History Month Spirit Week

Day 1 - Celebrating Black Icons Day (Tuesday 2/20)
The African American community has made impactful contributions to many fields like science, arts, sports, politics, and civil rights. Celebrating their accomplishments helps society appreciate the richness and diversity of human achievement. Dress up as an influential Black figure.

Day 2 - Crowned in Culture Day (Wednesday2/21)
African Americans were proud of their culture and wanted to show it. They did so partly by staying true to traditions by wearing head wraps. Show pride by wearing your favorite hat or hair accessory.

Day 3 - Future Trailblazers Day (Thursday 2/22)
African Americans throughout history fought hard to pursue their dreams , even when things were tough. Now, it's easier for all of us to dream big and make those dreams come true. Dress for the job you dream of pursuing one day

Day 4 - Love the Skin We’re In Day (Friday 2/23)
African Americans fought for freedom for all during the civil rights movement. Exercise diversity and freedom by representing your heritage, proudly using colors, patterns or images that hold cultural significance to you.

Day 5 - Hair Love Day (Monday 2/26)
African Americans fought against discrimination based on hairstyle, such as natural hair, twists, locs, and braids. To honor that fight, express yourself through your hair.

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